Price hike coming in Western Australia

Prices in inner Perth suburbs are on the up, Wembley is showing a 4 % increase and the house price drop has stabilized.

Outer Perth suburbs like Mandurah have bottomed out in terms of sale prices of houses.

Mandurah has now nearly completed its renascence, the foreshore is now complete, the new bride is built and the old one dismantled.  Positioned as a major WA tourist destination there is no better time to move to Mandurah. The Mandurah Forum is complete, offering more facilities and shops.

Job creation is beginning due to the increase in retail outlets and the railway and Kwinana freeway make  Perth an easy commute.

The recent decision to develop the gas fields in the North is expected to see WA back on the map as a strong economy. The gas project is expected to increase the amount of work available for skilled trades people so this is a early warning for everyone to start to  relocate in the Perth area and get ready for the next big boom in Australia.

whether you are planning to start a business in Western Australia or to study in one of Perth University, or if you are planning to move to Australia.

Choose WA for a brighter future .