Property information for new migrants to Perth

There are a number of superb residential areas in Perth and for many people choosing between them is one of the most fun challenges. For expats who are moving to Perth, one of the best online places to start is REIWA that has a host of superb resources available.

Seasonality in the Perth property market

Like many Australian cities, Perth has peak times for property and for Perth this is summer. If you are planning to arrive in Perth or Western Australia between November and March be aware that property will be at a premium and a little more challenging to secure.

What you need to have to get into the Perth property market

No matter what time of year you migrate to Perth it should be noted that the property market is a fast paced market and very buoyant. Perth is not a property market for those who prefer to take their time finding a place, if you like a place make up your mind and take it.  Because of the tremendous competition in the Perth property market, as a migrant you must ensure you get documentation ready and correct. You will need evidence of financial security, bank information and your proof of residence or visa. Being prepared in advance for a quick move and having everything you may not even think you need will pay off.

Property information for new migrants to Perth Prices in the Perth property market

Perth is not the cheapest of rental markets in Australia. However, for those wishing to buy property prices have dropped a little and have stabilized in the last few years making the region a great place to buy. One thing that should be noted is that because property prices have dropped a little in recent years, sellers do tend to overprice their property. For a buyer, especially a cash buyer this leaves plenty of scope for negotiation.

Where to live in Perth

Perth is a little off the beaten track when it comes to location, Adelaide is the closest major city some 3,000 kilometres away. However that is not to say that the place is not a great place to live. Perth is situated on the Swan River and is in the top 10 of best places to live most years. You can live in inland areas or for those wanting great beaches there are some amazing places that will simply blow you away.

Perth can be broken down into 5 predominant areas and these are:

Inner Perth – City, Inner North, South East and West

North Perth – Northern and Outer North

South Perth –  Outer South and Fremantle

East Perth –  Outer East

West Perth – Western Perth

Perth has some fantastic places to stay. For the best advice ask your migration agent and you will not go wrong.

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