The job market in Australia is well-known for being strong at the moment. However, it is still a challenge to be able to find a rewarding job. This is especially so if you currently do not live in Australia and do not have many contacts. If you are in this situation now, here are some tips to help make the process run smoothly, and get you moving to Australia as soon as possible.

Be Specific

Do not apply to every job that you think you may be able to do. The more specific your resume is and the more you apply to specific sectors, you will seem to the employer as you have detailed experience in that job. Current industries that are thriving in Australia include agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing. If you can market yourself to one of these industries and apply to jobs there, you may find better luck than simply applying to every job available.

Be Detailed

That being said, cater your resume (or CV) not only towards the specific job but also in the Australian style. If you need guidance, do a little bit of research to understand what the differences may be to your home country. Doing this shows the level of commitment that employers want to see when hiring. Do the same thing with your cover letter. Make sure that it is personal and includes why you want to move to Australia.

Be Proactive

Another thing that may help speed up the process is to start the work visa application. Prospective employers will want to know that you are serious about moving to Australia, and it is often a prerequisite for jobs to have at least started the application process. Check your local embassy for further details about what you will need to do start.