Perth Migration Agent Indian Student Recruitment under Scrutiny in Australia WHY?

Australian Higher Education Market Trends

In the recent past, federal funding for Australian universities has been cut down, forcing them to look for alternative revenues.  This situation has given universities a powerful motive to recruit more and more overseas students.  Some universities have invested heavily in order to accommodate more international students.

Overseas Student Industry of Australia

Over the past decade, the overseas student population in Australia has skyrocketed by 60% to almost 325,000.  Foreign students contribute more than AUS $ 5 billion annually to the country’s university incomes.  In 2015, the University of Sydney generated AUS $ 479 million and Melbourne University generated AUS $ 526 million from foreign student fees.

Perth Migration Agent Enrolment of Indian university students

In the financial year of 2018/2019, enrolment of Indian university students increased by a leap of 34%.  The number may already have passed 100,000.  However, to many of Australia’s academics, their presence on campus poses significant challenges.

Issues Faced due to Enrolling Indian students 

Among major issues faced by Australia’s academics are the inadequate command of English language of the students and their academic misconduct.  Many of them do not possess adequate language skills necessary for postgraduate studies.  As such, they are unable to participate in class or complete their assessments in a legitimate manner.

The scandal – “Cash Cows”

Australian universities have been accused of enrolling thousands of international students solely for their fees.  This amount easily could be as much as AUS $ 40,000 for an individual.  It has been a known fact that they are ill-equipped to succeed in degree courses due to poor English language skills.  The scandal was exposed in a high-profile television programme of ABC.

Murdoch University, Western Australia

Last November, it was highlighted that Murdoch University has been enrolling international students with an inadequate standard of English language.  Dr Gerd Shroder-Turk, a senior academic and an associate professor in mathematics and statistics made a public complaint about this matter on television.  However, the university took legal action against him.

Australia-India strengthening of bilateral higher education and research links

Meanwhile, in last November a senior delegation of Australian university leaders joined federal Education Minister Dan Tehan on an official visit to India.  The event saw them visiting various Indian government officials, institutions, workshops and a bilateral roundtable.  The university leaders delegation included the Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson.

Mutual Interest

The Universities Australia Chief Executive proposed that by working together on research in agriculture and water security, both countries can provide mutual support.  According to her, Australian universities want to work with Indian institutions to look for opportunities to explore and help change lives in profoundly important ways.

The Pros and Cons of Enrolling Indian University Students

In 2015, foreign university students generated nearly AUS $ 19 billion of the Australian economy.  Government and universities argue that this revenue can subsidise the domestic students’ expenditure and research.  However, the risks are Australia’s universities relying so heavily on revenue from overseas students as well as the deterioration in the quality of university education.

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