Hot news for new Migrants, more jobs and well-priced houses with a housing boom just  around the corner

Over view of industry sectors in Western Australia

Western Australia suffered a slump in property prices after the mining infrastructure book ended.The mining industry in Western Australia is now in good shape and prices for mineral are on the way up.Tourism in Western Australia is growing and we are seeing a big increase in Asian arrivals. Perth is also expecting an increase in UK tourist as nonstop flights begin from the UK to Perth.With growing demand from Asia for wine and food WA is perfectly place to service this massive market. Perth migration agent hot news jobs and housing in Perth!

What does this mean?

More jobs in hospitality and the service sector

More jobs in agriculture.

Mining has stabilized in terms of new jobs.

What does this mean in terms pf housing?

Rents are low but have stabilized.

Accommodation in Perth city is beginning to show growth in terms of price.

Hot suburbs are also on the increase like Subiaco, Wembley and West and South Perth.

Perth’s outer suburbs

Outer suburbs like Mandurah are set to show increase of over 10% in the coming year due to jobs created by the Mandurah forum, increase tourism and a greatly improved city infrastructure.