Perth Hospitals and what they do

Perth has a number of private and public hospital facilities. For those looking to make Perth their new home, being knowledgeable about hospitals in one´s vicinity could prove to be beneficial. Unless an individual requires specialist medical treatment, it’s always faster and more convenient to visit with practitioners in the neighborhood. In order to avoid any undue stress in a situation of ill health, we’ve put together a list of popular hospitals in Perth.

Royal Perth Hospital

Address: : 197 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Caring for more than 70,000 patients a year the Royal Perth Hospital is a teaching hospital located towards the north east side of Perth´s central business district. The 450 -bed hospital employs more than 6000 staff members who provide comprehensive medical care for adults. The services the hospital provides includes emergency care, surgical facilities, trauma, imaging, dermatology, haematology and internal medicine. As a teaching hospital, the Royal Perth has close ties with TAFE institutions and major universities in Western Australia. The hospital has also close ties with other hospitals such as Fiona Stanley Hospital, Sir Charles Gardner and Princess Margret hospital for children. These associations ensure that patients are provided with the best services even if they cannot be sourced on site at the Royal Perth itself.

South Perth Hospital

Address: 76 South Terrace, South Perth 6151
South Perth Hospital´s history of service in Western Australia is almost legendary and goes all the way back to the 1950s. Against the backdrop of the second World War, the South Perth Community Centre Association worked to raise funds for the hospital. Together with the support of the community´s efforts to raise funds and assistance from the government, the hospital was set up with twenty six beds and two operating theatres. The hospital has come a long way since then and now has more than 90 beds, a procedure room and about five operating theatres.

Mount Hospital Perth

Address: 150 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000
Mount Hospital located down Mounts Bay Road has been caring for its residents of Perth for more than 20 years. The hospital is one among the larger private hospitals in the area and has a capacity to accommodate a little over two hundred beds. The hospitals offers facilities for procedures that vary from over night, same day and multi -day services as well. In addition, its facilities are quite comprehensive and cater to a wider range of specialties. The Mount hospital is a provider of quality cardiac services that come with 24-hour priority admission facilities for those with cardiac and respiratory issues. Specialists are located onsite for crucial medical issues along with a wide variety of diagnostic services available onsite as well.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Address: 11 Robin Warren Dr, Murdoch WA 6150, Australia
Situated towards the southern side of Perth’s central business district, and just nine kilometers east ward towards Fremantle, is the Fiona Stanley Hospital. The hospital is among a chain of Fiona Stanley Fremantle Group Hospitals as well as part of the network belonging to the South Metropolitan Health Service. Fiona Stanley is a private hospital and accommodates more than 700 beds and is one of the more popular tertiary hospitals in Perth´s metropolitan area in the south. The hospital cares for communities, not only south of Perth but across state as well. The Fiona Stanley Hospital has some of the most advanced medical equipment and houses some of the best state of the art communication and information technology devices.

Mandurah Obstetrics and Women´s Health  Services

Address : Southern Specialist Centre Unit 4/5 Murdoch Drive Greenfields WA 6210
Centrally located within Mandurah’s town site, the Mandurah Obstetrics and Women’s Health  Services facility is also close by to the local train station. The facility is run in partnership with General Practitioners(GP). The practice offers services to the patients of GP’s in and around the Mandurah area. Further, the facility operates through collaborative services in gynecology, obstetrics, anesthetics, infertility, lactation and post natal support. In addition, specialist support services at present are provided by the Waikiki Private Hospital and the Peel Health Campus.