Perth Australia Business Talent Visa Migration Agent : To become a permanent resident of Australia, you need the Business Talent visa. You may travel to and from Australia for up to five years from the date of the visa, apply for citizenship in Australia, and reside in Australia forever with this visa.

Perth Australia Business Talent Visa Migration Agent: What do you need?

A government agency in an Australian state or territory must designate you, and you must be a businessperson. An online Expression of Interest (EOI) via Skill Select is required initially. A government agency will choose you, and if they do, they will ask you to apply.

You need to prove that you’re in good health and have the right kind of character to apply. Also, be sure to provide examples from your extensive business background. This necessitates a net worth of a minimum of 400,000 Australian dollars, either on your own or in conjunction with your spouse. One or more companies may be involved.

Another requirement is that you have personal and company assets totaling 1.5 million Australian dollars. Within two years of your visa’s issuance, you must be able to transfer these that you have lawfully obtained to Australia. Additionally, you need to be able to prove that you have a spotless company record and have never engaged in any unethical behavior.

Visa application allows you some Flexibility

You have some leeway in your visa application to add your dependent children, spouse, or de facto partner, as well as any other dependent family. In addition to providing proof of your connection, they must also fulfill the same criteria.

The government will designate a case officer to correspond with you on your application and any subsequent inquiries. A separate interview procedure may be required of you. Contact Perth Australia Business Talent Visa Migration Agent.