Partner Visa Bunbury Skilled Visa Bunbury: Living on Bunbury’s picturesque rivers, inlets, and beaches is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many locals and visitors alike find work in the city’s and the neighboring shires’ mining, industrial, construction, and retail sectors. Around 1830, Bunbury started to expand into a city. As the population of Western Australia increased, there was a need to locate more arable land. Located near to Perth, Bunbury has grown into a significant regional metropolis that serves as a hub for the agricultural and mining industries in South West Western Australia.


Following Perth and Mandurah as Western Australia’s major cities, Bunbury ranks third. From a mere 24,000 in 1996 to about 75,000 now, with an expected 100,000 in the next decade, Bunbury’s population has grown substantially.

Work in Bunbury

Many other types of businesses are hiring, including those in the retail, hotel, manufacturing, construction, fishing, and mining sectors. In addition to motels and hostels, Bunbury is home to a number of hotels and resorts. Attractions such as Geography Bay, the Ngilgi caverns, the Tuart Forest, the Dolphin Discovery center, swimming, and fishing are popular with tourists. For those seeking agricultural employment, Bunbury is also a great base. Agricultural pursuits in the region include:
  • Wine
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Sheep and cattle (Wool and Milk)
  • Potatoes and carrots.

Partner Visa Bunbury Skilled Visa Bunbury: Transport to Bunbury

Connected to Perth by train, there is service twice a day, a highway connects Bunbury to Perth. Travel time by train 2.5 hours and by road is 2 hours. Bunbury is connected to Perth by an express bus service as well. This service also goes to Perth Domestic and International airports.


Bunbury has a high school, elementary schools, daycares, and kindergartens. For students in grades 11–18, Bunbury has a Catholic high school. Grades 7 through 12. Various technical programs are available, including those in hairstyling, tourism, and business administration.