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Find a job – the end of the 457 visa only effects a small percentage of new migrants. The key is to have a skill that Australia need and then the path to living and working in Australia becomes a whole lot easier.    

Oz Visa Info is a company, servicing Perth, South Perth, East Perth, West Perth, Northbridge, Rockingham, Joondalup and Mandurah in Western Australia. We connect people and business with the right Australian migration agent. Perth WA is the gateway city to Asia. We take care of all personal and professional needs of our clients.

Our goal is to help you in to obtain your visa for Australia and one day become an Australian.

All advice given to our website visitors will be given by members of the Migration institute of Australia (MARN). We are dedicated to your success! Our network partners have thousands of satisfied clients and each applicant will enjoy the professionalism of a qualified migration agent.

Our clients become our friends and we work with you to ensure that you have the best advice possible and that your migration journey to Australia is a pleasant experience for you and your family.

– Registered migration agent;

– Experience in migration services;

– All types of visas;

We do our best to anticipate your need we are focused on making your migration journey easy and enjoyable with the minimum of stress.

Our migration agent will prepare a tailor made strategy that is special to you and your circumstances. Our team will monitor the status of your visa application with the Australian Government Immigration department, to ensure that your chance of working and finally becoming an Australia is achieved.

Our migration agents know the migration legislative field, Australian migration law is constantly changing and our specialist are equipped to give you the latest updates information.

The cost of a badly presented visa application can result in a rejection, cost of appeal can be expensive. In addition the cost of accommodation and flights can become prohibitive and you could lose your opportunity to live and work in one of the finest countries in the world.

Migration agent Perth WA

British and Irish applicant want to live and work in Western Australia are very welcome and easy to place in jobs, due to their language advantage. Even though there is a mining recession in Western Australia, there are many opportunities in Regional Western Australia, you just have to be prepared to work where the work is.

Asian Migration Agent Perth WA

Asian applicants have a harder task, a good channel for Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, South Korean, and Malayan and other Asian countries is to study in an Australian University or Further Education College.

Our registered Migration Agent in Perth can assist with all visa types and also connect you with the right educational institution.

Western Australia has some of the finest Universities in the world. A qualification from a Australian University may allow you to stay and work in Australia. The choice of the right subject is very important and therefore good advice is a critical factor, come and discuss your options with us to ensure that you choose the right path way for you.

Supporting Relocation Services

If you’re looking for a complete migration service let Oz Visa Info – Our migration agent in Perth can help you with advice about where to live work and play.

Whatever your migration need we are here to provide quality information so you can make an informed decision.

Here is the current ranking of major Australian cities in the world in terms of lifestyle.

The most loveable and livable Australian cities compared to other international cities.

Sydney (no.10)

Melbourne (no.15)

Perth (no.21)

Adelaide (no.27)

Canberra (no.28)

Brisbane (no.36)

Perth is number 21 in the world, and Sydney number 10, not a bad result for a country with a population of only 24 million people.