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Employ yourself; the termination of the 457 visa affects a negligible number of new migrants. Possessing a skill that is in high demand in Australia will significantly facilitate the process of adjusting to life and employment there.

Oz Visa Info is a business that provides services to the following locations in Western Australia: Northbridge, Rockingham, Joondalup, Mandurah, South Perth, East Perth, and West Perth. We match businesses and individuals with the most suitable Australian migration representative. Perth, Western Australia serves as the entry point to Asia. We attend to our clients’ every professional and personal need.

Our mission is to assist you in acquiring an Australian visa so that you may eventually become an Australian citizen.

Visitors to our website will exclusively receive guidance from individuals affiliated with the Migration Institute of Australia (MARN). Our entire organisation is devoted to your success! Each applicant will receive the expertise of a certified migration agent, and our network partners have tens of thousands of pleased clients.

Why choose us?

We work closely with you to ensure that your family and you have the most enjoyable migration experience possible to Australia and that our customers develop into our friends.

– Registered migration agent;

– Experience in migration services;

– All types of visas;

We strive to anticipate your needs in order to ensure that your migration experience is pleasant, trouble-free, and uncomplicated.

Our migration agent will develop a strategy that is individualised to suit your needs and situation. Our team will closely monitor the status of your visa application with the Immigration Department of the Australian Government in order to ensure that you have every opportunity to secure employment and ultimately become an Australian citizen.

Our migration agents are well-versed in the legislative realm of migration. As Australian migration law is in a constant state of flux, our specialists are able to provide you with the most current information.

Visa applications that are poor in presentation may incur rejection fees, and the expense of appeals can further escalate the situation. Furthermore, the expenses associated with lodging and air travel may become unaffordable, potentially depriving you of the chance to reside and perform in one of the most prestigious nations globally.

Migration agent Perth WA

The language proficiency of British and Irish individuals seeking employment and residence in Western Australia renders them highly regarded and facilitates their seamless integration into the workforce. Despite the prevailing mining downturn in Western Australia, numerous prospects exist in the Western Australian region; one need only be willing to put in the effort where the action is.

Asian Migration Agent Perth WA

Applicants from China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, and other Asian countries may find it more challenging to secure admission. However, one viable option is to pursue further education at an Australian university or college.

Our authorised Perth Migration Agent can provide assistance with all forms of visas and also facilitate your connection with the appropriate academic institution.

Western Australia is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. An Australian university degree may grant you the ability to remain and operate in Australia. Good advice is therefore crucial, as the selection of the appropriate subject is of the utmost importance; therefore, please visit us to discuss your options and ensure that you select the correct path.

Supporting Relocation Services

Oz Visa Info offers a comprehensive migration service; our migration agent in Perth can provide guidance on where to reside, work, and leisurely.

We are committed to delivering high-quality information to assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding your migration needs.

The following is the current lifestyle classification of main Australian cities around the globe.

The most hospitable and habitable cities in Australia relative to cities around the world.

Sydney (no.10)

Melbourne (no.15)

Perth (no.21)

Adelaide (no.27)

Canberra (no.28)

Brisbane (no.36)

Perth is number 21 in the world, and Sydney number 10, not a bad result for a country with a population of only 24 million people.