Why move your family to Perth?

Perth has a lot to offer children

Kings Park offers several options to visitors.

  1. There is a vast natural landscape to explore where you children can experience the natural beauty if Australia
  2. Rio Tinto Naturescape offers an experience where children can interact with nature, climb towers, play in ponds and generally have a great day. All this whilst you can keep an eye on them and enjoy a picnic.
  3. Saw Avenue picnic area provides a natural playground for children and also plenty of barbecue facilities.

South Perth Zoo

  1. Africa section with Lions, giraffes and Zebras
  2. Asian section with elephants, tigers and orangutans
  3. Native Australian section with Kangaroos and many native creatures.
  4. A nocturnal section to experience creatures that are best seen active in the dark.
  5. Bird world where you can see many Australian species including Penguins.

Scitech Perth

  1. Scitech Planetarium where the night sky over Perth is explained together with many other development in the word of astronomy.
  2. Puppet theater is a must visit place within Scitech Perth.
  3. The Science theater is always a splendid experience where experiments take place daily to thrill and educate children.
  4. Lastly but not least Scitech Perth has a Several exhibit and children can spend hours experiment with different exhibits and learning science.

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