New Language test, will it bring misery to non native English speaking migrants?

The planned new language test , including a verbal test may be one of the worst things Australia can do for racial harmony and multi cultural Australia.

Who is not a Australian migrant?

Many Australian like Greeks, Italians, Indians, Chinese, Arab and Middle Eastern people who are now Australian citizens can feel that the government is showing discrimination against many countries  . It is not necessary to have a united country to have one language be imposed in an imperial manner on its citizens. There are many languages in Australia, whilst its important to speak English in the modern world, it is equality important to respect other languages in Australia.

In our history we have had pearl divers from Japan in Northern WA , Chinese gold miners in Victoria. Lebanese cloth merchants on the East coast, The Center of Australia was opened by Indians in the late 19th Centuray, many did not speak English but there descendants live in Australia.

Aboriginal people have over 800 Australian Languages.

It may be a good idea to introduce Hindi and Mandarin in all schools as we live in Asia in what was once an Asian peninsula and these countries are our biggest neighbours and trading partners.

English speaking countries are exempt from a language test, a test the many Engilsh  speaking Australian could not pass.

Having English that is good enough to pass the skilled migrant tests is OK, However the families of migrants should not to be subjected to humility..

What is going on? Has the present government given too much ground to the extreem right wing politicialns in Australia.

At a time of skills shortages,in many industries like health, Hospitality, trades, farming and education This new proposal is not really making any sense and will further isolate Australia in the modern world.

What does SBS have to say?