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Murdoch University

Murdoch the second Public University to be established in Western Australia after the University of Western Australia in 1970.

Murdoch University is located at 90 South St, Murdoch WA 6150. Murdoch. The University is situated on the southern side of Perth. It takes approximately 15-20 min to reach Perth central station by train. The Train runs from Mandurah to Perth CBD. The Campus is also accessible by bus.

The railway also services suburbs all the way to Mandurah and stops at some very affordable suburbs, like Kwinana,  Wellard, and Rockingham. It is possible to rent whole houses with 3 bedrooms for around $250 a week.

Murdoch campus village is the accommodation offered on campus it has a range of services available to students such as swimming and Gym facilities. Apartment’s costs range s from $165-180. An international student should consider this option when they first arrive in Perth.

The Murdoch Guild accommodation database is a database called ‘’study Stays’’ offered to students by the Guild club. The Guild’s aim is to connect students with rooms available close to the Campus at an affordable price. This database is free to all users.

Students have to register on the website, once this is done students can access the accommodation database, providers also have free access.

Murdoch University is a great place to start your migration story to Perth.  International students, the university is well situated in Perth city and also has easy affordable access to many suburbs like Fremantle by bus

Our student visa experts are registered migration agents and Perth residents. They can give you the right advice on the best path way to an Australian student visa for an Australian University. Our registered migration agents also understand the local economic and social geography and can help you in the initial transition settling in period.