Migration to Perth: Migration Agent: Many people relocate to Australia for educational purposes, and Perth is an excellent location to both study and reside. State schools, also referred to as public schools, and private schools coexist in Western Australia, Australia. An individual may find it difficult to decide between the two.

Free Education in Perth

It is not always possible for migrants arriving in Perth and Western Australia to receive a free education. Nonetheless, that does not mean it is impossible to accomplish, as certain professions and visas allow for it. Finding the correct school is difficult, but the task becomes more manageable if one does not anticipate receiving a free education.
Here is a list of schools in Perth

New migrants to Perth

Private education is the first and most apparent option for the majority of newcomers, as opposed to public or state schools. This significantly expands the range of institutions available to a child and provides greater assurance of securing a spot. It is peculiar, however, that many individuals who relocate to Perth with the belief that attending a private school is the best option quickly discover that the locals prefer the state school.

Moving to a residential area near a reputable school or the school of one’s preference can have both advantages and disadvantages, just as it does globally. Good real estate in close proximity to reputable institutions frequently commands a higher price.

Schooling starts around the age of 5 in Australia and formal schooling from primary to the end of formal education looks like this:

  • a preparatory year before Year 1
  • primary schooling: 6 or 7 years – Years 1-6 or 1-7 (depending on state)
  • secondary schooling: 5 or 6 years – Years 7-12 or 8-12

Education in Australia is exceptional, and Perth is home to some of the nation’s finest institutions. Employing a competent migration agent facilitates the process of locating an appropriate educational institution, and it is possible to secure admission to most institutions prior to one’s arrival in Australia. For a full guide to education in Western Australia the Department of Education website is a great place to start.

Implementing education and selecting an appropriate school for your child or children as a component of your desired lifestyle and place of residence can and will significantly impact your overall satisfaction with Perth.

Agent of Migration in Perth When selecting a school in Perth, it is critical to consult with us.