Australia sees a large number of immigrants annually with a range of migration and skilled visa programs to give opportunity to talented professionals. The country offers a solid foundation to its immigrants, including monetary and non-monetary benefits to lead a high-quality life.

This brings to the attention to the role that the government and authorities play within Australia’s migration system.

The importance of migration and the vital role immigrants play in shaping Australia’s future were on the agenda at last week’s Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra. Its objective was to provide a broad consensus on the need for change within this context. A popular migration agent in Sydney believe that this is a positive sign in bringing great change to the Australian immigration procedures and laws. It can ease many aspects of the migration process, making it flexible and providing opportunities to qualified, experienced, and skilled professionals.

According to the Minister for Home Affairs, the migration system had been on ‘continental drift’ without a strategy for the past decade. This is a significant time period to expect positive growth if things had gone well. She further noted the essential need for a simplified system for migrants and employer groups alike. Migration experts in Perth expect this to be rolled out in the near future.

The government also confirmed that Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor of the ANU, will lead a review of Australia’s migration program. A renowned migration agent in Melbourne says this program will report how the migration system can be rebuilt to work for the country’s future needs. 

In the interim, four changes are to be implemented immediately:

  • Increase in the permanent skilled program by 35,000 places, thereby reaching 195,000)
  • A $36bn investment to clear the visa application processing backlog
  • Longer-term working rights for international graduates of Australian universities
  • Extending COVID concessions on student visa work rights until June 2023

One these changes are implemented, focus will be given to the other areas that need to be addressed. Six more areas were identified to be required immediate evaluation and action. These areas include developing pathways to permanent residence. This is a significant change from the previous government which split the temporary skilled program to remove pathways to PR for many skilled visa holders.

Migration experts in Perth are on the view that these changes are in line with the participants on the urgent need for change to create a migration program that is seamless and hassle-free to everyone. It will ensure that there are more skilled and experiences professionals flowing into the country as immigrants. This will have a positive and significant impact on the further development of the country. Many sectors including healthcare, education, finance, information technology, accounting, and infrastructure might see exponential growth due to this.

We look forward to the changes being announced and will keep you updated when they occur. Stay tuned on getting to know the latest on the Australian immigration system and how it can impact all the stakeholders.