Right wing Australian don’t want migration

Australian migration reduced

An increasing number of right-wing conservative politicians in Australia have called for a drastic decrease in of migrants entering the country.
They are concerned that Australian not being employed by Australian business, hence the abolition of the 457 visas.

Anti-migration team in government

Peter Dutton the Member of Parliament who was responsible for leading a revolt against Mr. Turnbull, leaves the new Prime minister with a problematic situation in term of satisfying the skills shortage. Dutton removed hundreds of jobs listed in the skills register. No one knows how Scomo (Scott Morison) will manage the migration policy.

Friends Au-pairs in doctors and professors not welcome..

What is happening in other developed economies?

The miss guided introduction of new tax legislation has resulted in a drop in working holiday arrivals, particularly from the UK and Ireland. With the BREXIT saga continuing there are bound to be skills shortages, Irish companies are encouraging young Irish people to return home to deal with Skills shortages growing in Ireland.

Growing grey

Australia like Europe and Japan has a demographic trough, and the older community is growing in number, reproduction rates are low. Australian health care system is already under pressure, and there is a critical shortage of medical healthcare professions in regional Australia.

Time for Australia to wake up

How does the Conservative government intend to find Australian health care professional to fill jobs in an industry where there are skill shortages? There is a high demand for medical staff in the UK and other Western European countries, the Eastern Europeans have had many of their doctors and nurses migrate to lucrative jobs in Western Europe leaving chronic shortages of health care professional, in countries like Romania and Bulgaria. Will Australias have the same problems as Eastern Europeans.

Working holiday tax blunder hurting farmers and tourism.

There are skills shortages in almost every field, Australia is short of seasonal farm workers, working holiday visa holders are essential to the rural economy, yet this government has taken away the tax-free element in their earning, leaving backpackers impoverished and farmers in trouble yet again.

Skill shortages in hospitality

Australia is primed to target Tourism as a priority, yet there are massive shortages of hospitality professional. In some instances, this industry is by having problems due to this governments attitude to skilled migration.

Skills shortages in Education

The same problem exists in the Education sector. International students are a significant source of revenue for Australia. However many Universities are in desperate need of suitably qualified lecturers.

Wake up Australia

Its time the Australian government woke up to global reality. Encourage migration to make Australia home, make them feel at home, so they stay and become Australians. The fact is that the current migration policy will slow the Australian economy and therefore have a negative impact on the economy.