Working in Perth and finding the right Migration agent

If you are a qualified and experienced expat then Perth has a host of opportunities for you. As the largest metro and urban area in Western Australia, the demand for overseas labour is high. Ask a migration agent and they will confirm this fact.  To understand a little about working in Perth this short guide should prove useful.

The real employment boom has come to an end according to many economists but Perth is one of the most resilient employment regions in Australia. The widening and growing service sector is now the natural follow through from an employment boom and growth spurt for the city. The overall economy of Western Australia is doing well however this does not mean job hunting is easy. Transformation of the local economy is making some jobs more difficult to find than others.

The recent construction and mining boom is over and now the focus is on less profitable yet equally sustainable career and industry options. Jobs in the once prosperous mining, industrial and agricultural sector are not as easy to find or secure as they once were and today there is a much greater shift towards employment in the service sector.

A Migration agent in Perth will be acutely aware of the growing demand for jobs in areas that are almost new to Western Australia. Those skilled and experienced in IT, Media and the arts have superb opportunities opening in Perth. Education, retail, healthcare and social service skills are now more in demand due to the past economic growth in the region. Surprisingly tourism is now a growth sector of the Perth economy as the region looks to promote its beaches, countryside and cultural and historical features.

Overall employment opportunities in Perth and Western Australia may not be as good as they once were but in the service sector, jobs are very much available. If an opening for employment does come your way in Perth rest assured you will be migrating to a safe and secure place. Western Australia is well positioned to survive even the toughest financial crisis and is making an attractive haven for those seeking longer term security with a bright outlook.

Working in Perth and finding the right Migration agent is very important. Any migration agent in Perth would certainly tell you to grab any employment opportunity in the region with both hands and the future of the state’s economy does look considerably better than many other parts of the world.