Rockingham and Surrounds

Finding the right suburb in Perth is often the biggest challenge for many people migrating to Perth. Having a great migration agent in Perth can and will make this easy and when your agent really knows you and knows Perth you will soon find the right place to start your life.


Rockingham, about 45 minutes south of Perth itself is considered the Marine Playground of Perth. The suburb is perfect for a family that loves the ocean and loves a more active lifestyle. Surrounded by amazing and very safe beaches that offer a variety of water sports Rockingham is a great place to live. The environmental parks in the area ensure nature is left alone and not spoiled.

Great places to visit near Rockingham

Rockingham is the most southerly of all the suburbs in Perth and is close to the calm waters of Cockburn Sound. Garden, Seal and Penguin Island are just off the coast and this perhaps gives an indication of just how naturally impressive the area is. For those who love nature and really care about the environment Rockingham will, excuse the pun, rock.

For the Family

For the family Shoalwater Islands marine park will become part of life when you move to Rockingham. This amazing place hosts the world’s finest display of wild sea life bird life and will fascinate people of all ages.

Wildlife near Rockingham

Wild dolphins can be found off the coast and if you wish to take up Scuba Diving there is perhaps no better place in the world with the West Coast Dive Park on your doorstep.

Rockingham has excellent amenities with plenty of restaurants and   other entertainment facilities all within easy reach. The foreshore is an popular hangout and the nearby Peel Estate Winery ensures there are some wonderful wines to taste and drink.  As with much of Perth there are ample walkways, pathways, hiking trails and some places for excellent drives along the coast or inland for those who wish to explore.  Close by one can find fist class championship golf courses and plenty of places for fishing.

The Property market in Rockingham

As for property and estate agents in Rockingham your migration agent will certainly be able to assist you. There are many new areas as well as some older properties with sea views or not. To get an idea of some properties is one of the best places to start.

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