Perth for your family: Things to do

Moving to Perth with a family is a big move; any migration agent will tell you just how challenging it can be. However, moving to one of the most remote metro areas of Australia is not that bad at all and as a family Perth offers lot to do.

Migrating to Perth, for children can be exciting and at the same time daunting so it makes sense to focus on the fun side of the move. Here are 5 things to do in Perth as a family that will make Perth a place to look forward to.

Mullaloo Beach

One of the biggest temptations for any family moving to Perth is the ocean and the beaches. The warm Indian Ocean is perfect for swimming in and Mullaloo Beach is one of the most popular beaches for families. The waters are warm and refreshing and the beach itself a perfect place for a family stroll or cycle.  Mullaloo beach is perfect for picnics and for the younger kids has a superb playground. For a family moving to Perth this could become a small piece of heaven.

Swan River

Perth sits on the banks of the Swan River and the river has become one of the most family friendly places in Australia. The river has many places for wonderful family walks under a perfect blue sky and for those who want some fun there are many places to hire jet skis and surf cats. Why not try and spot of fishing? The Swan River is a great place to take the kids fishing. There are also ferries that can take you up and down the river, kids will love it.

Marmion Marine Park

Nature forms a superb backdrop for Perth and is one of the reasons that makes it an attractive place to migrate to for families. Marmion Marine Park lies just north of Perth and is a superb place for a family to snorkel through reefs, caves and lagoons in crystal clear waters. For any family looking for something different on their own doorstep this is a place that will boost the excitement prior to arrival in the City.

Adventure World

Perth has a theme park and this for any family with kids has to be an attraction.  There are 25 rides in this amazing theme park and while not quite Disney, it is certainly enough to get kids and teenagers excited. The park has recently opened the tallest steepest and longest water tornado in the world and the “Abyss” is considered the best Roller Coaster in Australia.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Perth has one of the largest inner city parks in the world. For any family and especially those with young children Kings Park is a welcome breath of fresh air. Here you can have great family days out with picnics and barbecues or just enjoy a stroll to get rid of excess energy in the kids. Kings Park will become a place you love in Perth

So, for a family moving to Perth consider the new adventures you can begin. Your migration agent in Perth will certainly tell you more.