Where to find the best shopping in Perth?

You’ve upped sticks and gone to live in Perth – or perhaps you’re currently researching what it’s like to live in Australia. Of course you’ve got to be prepared for some cultural differences, and one of those is learning where to shop in your new neighborhood.

UK Expats what do they miss ?

One of the top things U.K. Expats in Australia miss when they move abroad is their favorite high street stores, but with the march of globalization ever persistent, Australia can also boast about having popular European brands H&M, Topshop and Zara under its retail umbrella – a fact that anyone with teenagers to coax into the move down-under will be pleased to know!

But let’s not forget why you moved to Australia… it was for a change! So there’s little place for lamenting the high street brands of back home, especially when there are so many new (to you) Aussie brands to explore. Check out brands such as Pixie Market, Few Moda and for a fun cheapy shop.

Perth’s population is a third foreign born.

Perth is fast becoming the go to city for U.K. and European expats with a third of its 2 million population having been born outside of Australia. There is a certain amount of pressure that falls on Perth’s shoulders being the world’s most isolated city, so it will come as no surprise that it’s got to have all the mod cons of a premier first world metropolitan.

In fact Perth has risen to challenge effortlessly sporting five star dining, cosmopolitan cuisine, national art galleries and museums and of course stunning shopping centers.

What is in the city center?

Located in the heart of the city is the center you’ll find the Hay Street Mall complete with boutiques from designers Alannah Hill and Anna Thomas. For those who love a bargain head to the Watertown Brand Outlet and you’ll find all your new Aussie staples such as Cotton On, Bikini Island and City Chic.

What is in the suburbs?

Out in the popular suburbs of Fremantle and cottesloe you’ll find shopping dotted around from retail parks to weekend markets. There’s a certain amount of boho culture that surrounds these beach side suburbs so you’ll soon find yourself trawling the independent stores and market rails.

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