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Migration Agent Perth North , home to a vibrant and multicultural community, is the capital of Western Australia (WA) and the largest city in the state of Australia. Are you thinking of Migrating to Perth? Then the first thing you should do is contact migration agent  Perth. They will guide you through each step of the process.  Meanwhile, this article will be a guide on what things you should consider when migrating to Perth.


There are 1051 schools in Western Australia, with about 602 schools in Perth. The majority of Perth schools and Western Australian schools are government owned. An education at a Perth Government school will give the child the best education possible because children are at the centre of everything the Department of Education does.

School Year

Perth Government schools run from late January to mid-December and the school year is divided into four terms. Schools offer a full curriculum and a range of programs designed to inspire children to be lifelong learners.

Pre-primary to Year 6

Primary schools focus on the learning and development of students from the start of their schooling through to early adolescence.

Junior Secondary – Years 7 to 10

Junior secondary education continues to build on learnings taught in primary school. Secondary schools drive high quality teaching practice in every classroom to benefit students. Schools challenge and support students to achieve success and forge their place in the world.

Senior Secondary – Years 11 to 12

Senior secondary school allows students to complete the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students can select subjects that reflect their strengths and interests to ensure they achieve their best, and graduate with the skills and qualifications to move on to their career of choice. Different subject choices are available for different educational pathways such as university, further training or employment.

Private Schools in Perth

There are 166 Catholic schools and 143 Independent schools in Perth and across Western Australia. The majority of private schools are in Perth. There are 3 Independent boys schools and 4 Catholic boys schools across Perth and Western Australia.

Best schools in Perth

Among the best schools in Perth, Perth College ranks first while St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School ranks second. In addition, Methodist  Ladies’ College came third and Shenton College fourth.

School Fees

School fees for Primary schools are usually between $50 to $100 per child as well as a P&C levy (Parents and Citizens fund raising organisation ) of between $20 – $100 depending on the school.  Some schools offer a discount for more than one child. High schools are quite different and more expensive.  For example fees for a year 9 child are $550 including course fees, school board and other fees. You can get more details from migration agent Perth on the above.

Health Care

Western Australia’s health system is a mix of services provided by the Australian and State Governments and private healthcare providers.


A GP, also known as a general practitioner or doctor, is often the first health professional you talk to about your physical and mental health. GPs work in private clinics or practices. They care for patients of all ages on health issues including illness, injury, mental health and healthy lifestyle tips.

After Hours GP Services

Some GPs see patients outside of normal working hours, such as evenings and weekends.

GP Urgent Care Clinics

There is a large network of GP practices in Perth that can provide GP urgent care services so people can receive the most appropriate care without the need to attend an emergency department. GP urgent care is treating people with urgent (required on the day), but non-life threatening injury and illness that is typically treated within the usual scope of general practice.


A specialist is a doctor who has done further training in a certain type of medicine or surgery. Your GP will refer you to the care of a specialist if necessary.

Health Services

A wide range of health services are available in Western Australia. Some are provided by the government and some by private and not-for-profit organisations. These services include child health, school health, community health, sexual health, immunisation, women’s health as well as the needle and syringe programs.

Nursing Posts

Nursing posts and nursing centres offer basic health care and treatment in country parts of Western Australia. Qualified nurses work at these centres and doctors visit on a regular basis.


In Western Australia, there are three kinds of hospitals for example public hospitals managed by the WA Health, private hospitals managed by private organisations and public hospitals run in partnership with private organisations. You can get more details of what you are eligible for from Migration agent Perth.


Transport in Perth, Western Australia, is served by various means, among them an extensive highway/freeway network and a substantial system of commuter rail lines and bus routes. Public transport is managed by the Transperth agency.  It is the brand name of the public transport system serving the city and suburban areas of Perth. It is operated by the Public Transport Authority.

Getting Around Perth City

Bus & Free CAT Bus. Within the city centre you can use the  free CAT bus services.Trains. The free travel zone on the trains are City West on the Fremantle line and Claisebrook on the Midland and Armadale line. Ferries,Taxis in addition to Cycling & Walking.

Payment Methods

When travelling with Transperth, you have the option to buy a cash ticket, or a SmartRider card.  For instance both can be used across all services, but please keep in mind that ferry and train fares must be purchased prior to travel, while bus fares can be paid as you board.

How to Use Transport

It is recommended that you purchase a Transperth SmartRider card to use public transport including buses, trains, and ferries in Perth. A SmartRider card can be purchased at Transperth InfoCentres and SmartRider retail outlets. In addition it entitles you to a fare discount and a daily maximum spend.

Migration Agent Perth will be more than happy to answer your questions and clear your doubts on information relating to transport during the meetings or subsequently.  


Infrastructure WA’s role is to provide advice and assistance to the WA Government on infrastructure matters. Looking at the medium to long term, our advice informs infrastructure investment decision-making and supports better outcomes for the people and economy of Western Australia.

Western Australia Act 2019

The Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019, which commenced in July 2019, sets out the functions and responsibilities of Infrastructure WA, some of which include:delivery of a State Infrastructure Strategy addressing infrastructure needs and priorities for the next 20 years,assessing major public infrastructure proposals in addition to coordinating the provision of information and submissions to Infrastructure Australia (under the direction of the Premier).


The High Demand Jobs in Perth and Western Australia are firstly mining, construction and resources   industry skills are still in top demand. Secondly is healthcare demand that will grow in the future. In  addition an information and communications tech (ICT) boom is just starting up in Perth.Moreover there is a growing demand for teachers and vocational trainers in WA (and Australia!)

Average Salary

The average salary in Perth, Western Australia is AU$72k. Trends in wages decreased by -100.0 percent in Q3 2020. The cost of living in Perth, Western Australia is 100 percent higher than the national average.

Popular Occupations

The most popular occupations in Perth, Western Australia are Accountant, Operations Manager, and Mechanical Engineer which pay between AU$49k and AU$134k per year. The most popular employers in Perth, Western Australia are BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, and Kinetic IT.

Meanwhile, Migration Agent Perth will be able to guide you better on getting a job with a higher salary for example in keeping with your qualifications.


Median rent for houses in Perth is $450 for two bedrooms and $555 for three bedrooms. The median rent for units are $350 for one-bedrooms, $425 for two-bedrooms and $810 for three bedrooms. In Palmerston Street, a two-bedroom house rental costs $450. Meanwhile, in St. Georges Terrace, it is $500. On Mounts bay Road the rental for a 3 bedroom is $1500. In Geoffrey Bolton avenue the rental for a three-bedroom is $1300 per week.

Migration Agent Perth North Real Estate.

 You can get apartments and houses cheaper if you look around with the help of a real estate company and Migration agent Perth too can help you.  

Properties for Sale

Perth has 156 properties available for rent and 179 properties for sale. Median property prices over the last year range from $772,500 for houses to $390,000 for units. Houses in Kelmscott topped the list of best investment suburbs in Perth in 2020, while Houses in Jane Brook, in Perth’s north eastern suburbs, came in second place and Pinjarra came in third place. 

Mosman Park

Mosman Park houses are more expensive than most, but provide good rental yield in addition to Bateman having a rental yield of 3.29% in 2020.

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