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Nursing job in Sydney for a non-Australian

To work as a nurse in Sydney, Australia you will have to be eligible to meet the standards of entrance and be able to adapt to the Sydney lifestyle quickly.

As a skilled migrant, you need to score 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points Matrix. One of the main contributing factors is your age, therefore make sure you are below 45 years. Scoring criteria includes of proof of identity documents, English language proficiency, a minimum score of 7 in each components of IELTS or A or B grades for each components of OET (Occupation English Test), meet the Australian nursing and midwifery education standards and evidence to show you have the required practical experience.

The Australian visa requirements under the skilled migrant scheme, require you to register with the Sydney nursing and midwifery regulatory authority in order to practice. If you don’t meet the criteria for points, then you might have to apply for an ‘Occupational Trainee Visa’ or a ‘Business Short Stay Visa-subclass 456’ will help you to build skills to pursue your dream of working as a Nurse in Sydney.

Migration agent Perth migration agent Melbourne nursing jobs On average a registered nurse in Sydney earns Au $k per year with overtime and bank holiday working rates you can earn around AU $90k per year.  

There is a national shortage of health care professionals in Australia in every state, there is a critical shortage in regional areas outside the big cities. With an ageing population the health care sector in Australia is set to grow.

The process to migrate to Australia as a nurse can be time consuming, however if you have the qualifications and the experience and the patience to go through the process then it can be a very lucrative and satisfying job  with the additional bonus of a great Australian like style.