Australian Multi-culturalism is a way of life

The Scanlon foundation Survey

Tolarant Australia

The Scanlon Foundation created a survey and 85 per cent of those who took part in the activity say that they are firm believers of multiculturalism being beneficial for Australia. This, according to a report recently released on the SBS.

The information that was referred to in the Multiculturalism Discussion Paper of the Scanlon Foundation shows that the people of Australia are in general very accepting of immigration and cultural diversity. The level of support however varies among the population depending on what gender a person is and also where they live.

Research by Mr Andrew Marcus

A research professor at Monash University Mr Andrew Markus, states that this report looks in depth at the research which has been going on for the past 3 decades.

Professor Marcus said 85 per cent of people think that multiculturalism is good for this country and those sort of high figures are good new for the Australian people and suggests the population is mostly in harmony.

“There does seem to be a pattern of greater support for immigration,” Mr Markus went on to say further. ”When it comes to some other issues, such as different ethnic groups, at the level of the data that we have its more length of time in Australia and people are more positive towards people who have been here for 20 or 30 years and similarly among the immigrants themselves, there is more differentiation among the recent arrivals in terms of the support that they are looking for from government.

The current situation

In recent times migrants have pointed out experiencing a lot more challenges when it comes to being able to land a job in the field that they have been trained in. The paper also states that this is a very sensitive issue for the Australia Government to study, when it comes to the present intake of migrants as well as the capacity for them to find that kind of job they are qualified to do.

Greater care and help is required for new migrants such as refugees however ever skilled migrants are in a comfortable position both in terms of finding work and enjoying life in Australia.

Mr Brad Chilcott, the founder of Welcome to Australia, says that in spite of 85 per cent of the citizens of Australia strongly supporting the idea of multiculturalism, divisive politics is still being seen continuously by the nation.

”Prejudice never survives a personal interaction.” Mr Chilcott said. ”I think, and the more we can do to foster, and not just tolerate that other people might have a different culture than us, but actually foster inter-cultural relationships, and facilitate a real discussion between people of different backgrounds, the more we are going to change people’s perceptions and prejudices.”

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