Best beachside towns in Perth

If you’re considering moving to Australia then you are probably imagining a lifestyle where you wake up early for your morning swim in the sea (sorry – the Ocean as any Perth native will be quick to correct you) or run along the beach followed by avocados on sour dough before making your way to work. You’re probably also envisioning capping your day off with a bbq on the porch as you enjoy the sunset. Sounds idyllic huh? Well for many expats living in Perth and the surrounding areas it’s a reality and with a little research and planning you too can raise the bar on your quality of life.

Quality of life

It is well documented that the quality of life in Australia is above and beyond many other countries, but the quality of life isn’t the same in each of its major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. When it comes to chasing the beachside lifestyle Perth presents ample opportunity. Not only does its premier city flank a harbour and the Swan River,  but just a stone’s throw out of town you have the port town of Fremantle, the super suburban Scarborough and cool Cottesloe. Venture further out of town and you’ll find Rockingham – the gateway to Penguin Island (and yes it is an island inhabited solely by Penguins and other bird life).

Perth’s surrounding beach towns

Perth’s surrounding towns all boast beautiful sandy beaches fitted with all the mod cons of an Aussie beach; barbecue pits, picnic benches, shower and WC facilities and cafes – after all life revolves around the beach in this part of Australia so you can bet your bottom dollar they are kitted out to the max. Of course the further you wander away from the main towns you’ll find more natural and rugged stretches of coastline which makes for wonderful weekends away.

Some other cities Near Perth

Other cities in Western Australia that you can enjoy a beachside lifestyle include Mandurah – just 1 hour from the city of Perth, and Joondalup – just 30 minutes from Perth – meaning you don’t need to even fork out for the price of a capital city apartment to reap the benefits of beachside living in a developed city.