Ten Reasons to Migrate to Joondalup Western Australia

Cost-Effective living in Joondalup

Joondalup is one of the best places to live near Perth if you are looking to migrate to Western Australia. Although Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, the cost of living can be very high when compared with cities slightly further away. 

Joondalup A Regional Hub

Joondalup is a contemporary city situated 26 km from the Central Business District of Perth. The Australian State government named Joondalup as an important regional hub of the state. The city gets its name after Lake Joondalup. 

Easy Transport To Perth City and Suburbs

Joondalup has a very good transport network. It links the many suburbs located around the city by bus and train. It is easy to commute to the city of Perth by freeway or by train. 

Joondalup Has A Great Shopping Centres

Joondalup comes with a suburban appeal with state of the art shopping centers and elegant wide roads to drive on. This has attracted many migrants throughout the years. 


If you are looking to live and work in Perth, Joondalup will be a good option. Not all who live in Joondalup commute to Perth for work. Joondalup has an array of jobs in its own. Joondalup has a busy hospital. So if you are a health care worker looking to migrate, this is the place for you.  

Great Locations

Joondalup has many fantastic beaches, nature reserves, and attractions. So if you have plans to move to Australia with your family you can consider Joondalup.

Range of Amenities

Joondalup is a developed city with a range of amenities. Joondalup has hospitals, leisure centers, schools, parks, events, and many more. Joondalup is an ideal place for everyone.

Affordable Escape

Joondalup has a good amount of restaurants and bars which are affordable. It makes Joondalup an ideal option for professionals who want to escape Perth on weekends. 

Shopping and Events

Joondalup has many fantastic food markets and family-friendly events throughout the year. It also hosts visual art and live music.

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