Migration agent in Joondalup: Living in Joondalup

It’s Not All About Perth!

When you hear anyone talking about Western Australia you probably hear the city of Perth in the same sentence. Yes it’s WA’s capital, but life doesn’t start and stop in Perth if you’re planning on emigrating to Western Australia. migration agent in Joondalup. Why make Joondalup home?

Perth’s five hubs Fremantle, Rockingham, Midlands, Armadale and Jooondajup

There are five satellite hubs around WA within easy reach of the capital that you may want to consider if relocating to this part of Australia, namely; Fremantle, Rockingham, Midland, Armadale and Joondalup. The latter of Joondalup can be, but shouldn’t be overlooked by migrants hoping to make a new life for themselves in WA.

Joondalup a close second

Joondalup comes in a close second when it comes to thriving urban centres near the capital. In Joondalup you can expect excellent shopping, dining and other entertainment amenities all within just half an hour of Perth. (26km away from Perth to be exact!)

Joondalup is a young city

Joondalup has a relatively young population with the average inhabitant being 34. There’s a good sense of community in Joondalup with the annual Joondalup Festival that incorporates music, fashion and culture.

Joondalup lifestyle

Joondalup also has a great outdoor lifestyle like many parts of WA and is home to Central Park and Neil Hawkins Park in the Yellagonga Regional Park. At the Neil Hawkins Park you’ll find an abundance of parrots making it a nature lover’s paradise where you can spot cockatoos and kangaroos – just in case you were in any doubt that you’re in Australia!

Close to the beach

Of course Joondalup also benefits from being beachside with its coastline front including Burns Beach in the north and Beaumaris Beach in Ocean Reef, running onto the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour in the south.

Joondalup education

When it comes to education, Joondalup serves families of any age with schools ranging from “kindy” (that’s kindergarten for the non Aussie natives) right up to secondary and university – including the Australian Institute for University Studies (co-located with Curtin University of Technology).

Pubs and clubs in Joondalup

Joondalup also sports a pretty decent nightlife with a handful of nightclubs as well as pubs.

Joondalup accommodation

When it comes to affordability, a 2 bedroom flat in Joondalup will cost you on average $300 per week compared with $450-$500 for the same in Perth and, as we previously mentioned, is just a 30 minute drive or train journey to Perth.

With great shopping, schools and of course outdoor space (sea, surf, sand – all the things you want from emigrating to Australia), Joondalup makes for a great affordable alternative to Perth for migrants to Western Australia.