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Response to New Security Law

As part of Australia’s response to a new security law enacted in Hong Kong recently, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison announced several changes to  allow Hong Kong citizens to extend their stay in Australia. 

 Visa Extension for Hong Kongers

Mr. Morrison on 9 July said Australia’s visa extension for people from Hong Kong who are already in the country would allow them to stay for an additional five years and open a path to permanent residency. He also suggested businesses should move from Hong Kong to Australia, declaring, “We are a great immigration nation.”

Suspend Extradition Agreement

Australia will suspend its extradition agreement with Hong Kong because of the new national security law imposed by China and extend temporary visas for Hong Kongers in the country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday.

Here’s What Hong Kongers Need to Know:

– Hong Kong citizens who hold a Skilled or Graduate Visa will be able to extend their stay by five years, followed by a pathway to Permanent Residence (PR). This is effective immediately. 

– Current or future Student Visa holders from Hong Kong will also be able to stay for five years after graduating, followed by a pathway to PR. 

– A new five-year temporary skilled visa and pathway to PR will be available for future skilled migrants from Hong Kong. Applicants will need to be suitably skilled and qualified according to an updated skills list and market testing. 

– A direct pathway to PR will be available for visa holders from Hong Kong after three years of study or work in regional areas.

Hong Kong Based Businesses

 Hong Kong-based businesses wishing to establish their business in Australia are  also welcome to help boost job creation. 

Travel Advice Updated

 The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has updated its travel advice for Hong Kong and warned of an ‘increased risk of detention’.

Three Visas

Hong Kong residents who has one of three particular visas can extend their stay for another five years, on top of the time they’ve already spent in Australia. There are nearly 10,000 Hong Kong residents currently living in Australia on a student, temporary skill shortage, or a temporary graduate visa. Some students moved home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, while others had their visas approved after Australia’s international border closed.

Covid-19 and Its Implications on Visas

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Due to the implications of COVID -19 visa processing times will be longer but visas will not be refused if it is a genuine reason.  Also, border restrictions will continue for some time due to Covid-19. 

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