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It’s in the south-west regional area and also close to the Peel geographical area.
Regional migration is a focus of the current government as the infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne comes under pressure due to the arrival of new migrants
Beautiful beaches, rivers and inlets and affords its resident’s unique waterfront living. Many of the city’s residents rely on mining, manufacturing, building and retail industries for their employment, working both within the town and in surrounding shires.

Bunbury History

Bunbury began to grow from the early 1830’s, as the fertile land was taken up in the Swan Valley around Perth, there was a need to find fertile soil. Bunbury becomes an important regional hub as it is close to Perth and it also became a launching pad for the development of agriculture and mining in South West Western Australia.
Bunbury is the 3rd largest city in Western Australia after Mandurah and Perth. Its population grew from 1996 when only 24000 people were living in Bunbury, today the community is close to 80000.

Work in Bunbury

Work is available in mining, manufacturing, building, hospitality, fishing, and tourism and retail industries.

Here is a list of some of the jobs available in November 2018

1) Diesel Mechanic
2) Orchard’s hands
3) Orchard mechanic
4) Retail service staff
5) Project staff
6) Project engineers
7) Admin assistant
8) Hospitality staff (cleaners reception kitchen staff chefs)

There are several hotels and resorts in Bunbury plus backpackers hostels and motel, this is supported by several activities like fishing, swimming, the Dolphin Discovery Center, Geography Bay, Ngilgi caves and the Tuart Forest. Bunbury is on the day trip trail for tourist visiting Perth, South Perth, Fremantle, and Mandurah.
Bunbury is also a great base if you want to work in the agriculture industry.

The Bunbury area has the following agricultural activity:

  1. Carrots
  2. Sheep and cattle (Wool and Milk)
  3. Potatoes and carrots.
  4. Wine
  5. Apples

Transport to Bunbury

Connected to Perth by train which offers a service twice a day, plus Bunbury is linked by a highway. Travel time by train 2.5 hours and by road 2 hours.
Bunbury is connected to Perth by an express bus service, which can also be taken to Perth Domestic and International airports.


Bunbury offers Kindergarten, childcare, primary schools, and a high school. Bunbury also as a Catholic high school which has classes for young people between 11 and 18. Year 7 to year 12.

Technical college offering courses in a wide variety of subject from, hairdressing, tourism to administration.

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