Apply for jobs in Brisbane as an Expat

The fact that you’ve just entered ‘how to apply for jobs in Brisbane as an expat’ into Google shows you’re aware that it might be a little different for you as a migrant worker in Australia so that’s great news as you’ve identified your situation.

You need to have skills that Australia needs

For a few years now people have been sold the promise of Australia being the land of opportunity when it comes to the abundance of job vacancies, and where that may have been true five years ago, word soon gets out. When applying for jobs in Australia as a migrant worker you may want to check the Skilled Occupations List for the state in which you wish to live. This handy SOL has a list of jobs that are available to skilled migrants.

Skills list for Queensland

The Queensland SOL currently lists Engineering Manager, Taxation Accountant and Hotel Manager amongst its available jobs meaning should you have experience practicing as one of the listed jobs you can apply for a skilled migrant visa. There are of course other visa paths that will allow you to live and work in Queensland.

Get expert advise

You’ll be best placed to consult with a Brisbane based migration agent as to which visa is the right one for your situation. Using an Australian migration agent can also cut the costs of visa applications in the long run to ensure you don’t make mistakes on your application.

It’s a good idea to have a think about what you will do for work when you move to Australia before arriving, again using the service of a migration agent may come in handy for obtaining that insider information.

There are different state laws in Australia as it is federal so its important to talk and get advise from local specialist like accountants and real estate agents.