Jobs for Skilled Indians in Australia

Australian migration agent for Indian Doctors Nurses, and trade people like Carpenters, electricians and Plumbers are needed in Australia right now.

Carpenter, Electricians and plumbers in short supply

Currently there is a shortage of carpenter, electricians and plumbers on the East coast of Australia, specifically in Sydney and Melbourne.

Medical staff needed

Medical staff are requirement in general in Australia as there is a national shortage, with an ageing population the health care sector is set to grow in the next decade. There are jobs immediately available for doctors and Nurses who qualify in terms of the skills required, both theoretically and in practice.


The average wage for a Nurse is Australian Dollars 65000 a year so RS 650000 a month.

Doctors can expect to earn $200000 a year so 2 million Rupees a month in Australia.

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Specifically if you have theater nursing experience please contact us and we will get you in touch with medical employment agencies who specialize in finding work for medical and health professional in Australia.

Trade qualifications

We outline below all the qualifications and state nominations for trade occupations. There are no difference compare to other countries when considering Indians.

All the trade occupation skill assessment involve two stages: paper based and practical assessment.  Clients will require to travel to the major city to complete the practical assessment.


A qualified and experience carpenter can expect to earn $60000 a year or say RS 600000 a month


Please see spreadsheet.

Skill Assessment for Medical staff

For medical practitioners, the Australian Migration authorities require a require a Bachelor or above qualification, at least 2 years in the hospital training and 5 years of special training, and IELTs 7 Academic on each band. Skill assessment for medical practitioners is equivalent to Registration with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Some specialists require additional exams. I will need to access them case by case.

For overseas nurses, they require Bachelor or above qualification, at least 5 years of practice as Registered Nurse and IELTs 7 Academic on each band. Exceptions only apply to candidates who registered from Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, UK, US and New Zealand.