Migrating To Perth and Brisbane

Migrating to Perth- Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and is a modern sophisticated city. Many major business have their headquarters based in the Perth CBD. Many are in the mining and construction industry and there are also many businesses that provide support to the mining sector such as recruitment and engineering firms. There are also many retail companies and a significant number of hospitality businesses, like hotels and restaurants that keep the capital going.

Perth and its surrounding suburbs are home to a growing tourist industry since the slowdown in the mining sector. The Perth hospitality industry is short of hospitality staff. Many of these jobs are in the skills register, and this is updated regularly as skill shortages appear.

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Student visas are another area that requires the help of a Perth migration agent with specialist knowledge and experience in processing students through Australian migration law and the multitude of regulations.   Our migration agents in Perth have years of experience servicing the student industry in Perth. They will ensure that surprises are kept to a minimum and that your journey to starting a study program in Perth is a smooth one.

Perth is home to many universities and colleges. The cost of a student visa is not cheap so it’s important to talk with someone who can give you advice on the best way forward if you want to study in Perth. Our Student specialised migration agents in Perth, Western Australia are best placed to look after you.

Mistakes can be expensive; the cost of flights, accommodation and living are high in Perth, so if you do not provide the right information to the Department of Immigration you could find yourself heading back home with a lot of out of pocket costs.

Don’t take the risk. Let a professional migration agent in Perth help you make Perth your home.

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