Migrating to Mandurah

Mandurah is one hours drive down the Kwinana freeway, it is also liked to Perth by Train. These leave every 15 minutes and it takes around 45 minutes to reach Perth.

Mandurah the perfect place to live

Accommodation in Mandurah

Mandurah has some of the most affordable housing Near Perth, properties are selling for less than 250K for a 2 bedroom unit. Rentals for a 2 bedroom unit can cost as little as $220 a week.

A new i.e. a unit built after 2000, with three bedrooms and 2 bath rooms plus parking for 3 cars can cost as little as 285K.

Mandurah is experiencing exceptional growth, with the recent addition of a new bridge, plus the Mandurah Forum employment is growing and house prices are beginning to stabilize.

Employment in Mandurah

Employment opportunities are improving and Mandurah’s close proximity to Rockingham and Kwinana makes it an important outer Perth suburb.

Mandurah has also been designated a top WA tourist destination, it has excellent hotel, resort style accommodation plus quality restaurants. The Hall head area has attracted many rich people and as such the pubs, wine bars and restaurants in the greater Mandurah area have excellent service. In fact perhaps the best in Western Australia outside of Perth.

Mandurah has recently had its fore shore extended, this has become a major attraction to tourist and locals from Perth and surrounding areas.

Mandurah has daily dolphin cruises and it is possible to hire a houseboat for a day or for a week. Fishing is good and the area is famous for lobster fishing as well as many other fish.

Mandurah has good primary schools and kinder garden service, it also has several private school ad state schools. Access to Universities like Murdoch is easy by rail or by road. Mandurah also has a local hospital and is only 35 minutes away from the Fiona Stanley Hospital which has only recently been completed.

Migrating to Mandurah is here for your consideration..

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