Helpful Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

If you’ve made the bold decision to migrate to Australia then you may have started researching tips on how to move to Australia. There is a lot to be considered before the move, however it is all possible should you fit all the requirements.

Here’s a few things you may want to know before moving to Australia…

You will need a valid visa

This goes without saying really – but it’s vital you understand the requirements of the visa you are applying for before upping sticks. You don’t want to have your dreams of your sunny new Aussie life crushed because you didn’t do the research before. Speaking with a migration agent can make sure you apply for the correct visa for your situation ahead of time.

You will most likely need a job

For the vast majority of us we need to work for a living so it may be a good idea to start your job search before you arrive in Australia. This may even be a requirement of your visa so check out sites such as, or jobs boards, or look on LinkedIn for jobs in your specific field.

Work out where you want to live

Australia is a vast continent of a country and has different states. These different states all have different laws and may differ on the visa front due to the needs of the state. It’s worth considering where you’ll be able to work before applying and also what life in that state is like. For example, if you’ve come for year round sunshine and heat then South Australia with its changeable weather may not be for you. Sunnier climes can be found in cities such as Perth and Brisbane.

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