Migrate to Rockingham, Mandurah, and Kwinana: The Australian city of Mandurah in Western Australia is an attractive option for anyone thinking about making the move to the country. Mandurah is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, as well as those from Perth and the surrounding areas.

Some more important information for migrants

1) Location

Situated only 80 kilometres from Perth’s central business district and with easy access to both rail and highway networks, Mandurah is a prime location. It just takes approximately an hour to reach Perth, making commuting there simple. Good highway links also make it simple to drive to the stunning South West of Western Australia.

2) Work

Mandurah is conveniently located near Kwinana Industrial Centre, which offers a wide range of career opportunities. The trip to Kwinana from Mandurah is around 20 minutes, making it simple to go to work. In addition to the numerous positions in the tourist and hospitality industries, the brand constructed Mandurah Forum, the biggest retail mall in Western Australia’s southwestern region, provides many employment opportunities in the city of Mandurah.

3) Property

With a three-bedroom home available for as little as $250/week, Mandurah is a great place to find affordable rental property. Plus, there’s a great selection of properties within walking distance of the beach and retail centre.
Mandurah is home to some of Perth’s wealthiest and most renowned, so it’s no surprise that the area’s real estate is on the pricier side. There is no shortage of well-respected eateries in Mandurah, from pubs to caf├ęs and restaurants. There is also plenty of new housing in Halls Head.

4) Leisure

Mandurah has an excellent marina and a great harbour, so it’s easy to find anglers there. You can see people fishing in the estuary almost every day, and many of the locals also go fishing offshore. For experienced anglers, the Murray bream is well-known for its tenacity, and when the season is right, there are an abundance of crabs to reel in.

Golf Fans

Just a short drive from Mandurah are several world-class golf courses, making this an ideal location for golf enthusiasts. In addition to Pinjarra’s perfect course, Kwinana is home to a one-of-a-kind golf club. You can find stunning courses and first-rate lodging in Bunbury if you take the journey down there.

Walking and camping

The Perth Hills are only half an hour’s drive if you like hiking and camping; there, you can go bush camping and fish all you want in the freshwater Murray River; even in winter, you can light a fire; and the weather is moderate during the day and just right at night. The Murray River is a popular summertime destination for campers who want to spend the day splashing about in the water.

5) Education

Mandurah is fortunate to have excellent elementary, middle, and high schools in the area. The major camps at Murdoc University are only a half-hour train journey away for the older students.

6) Healthcare

Fiona Stanley and St. John of God are two more world-class hospitals in the area. Many people in the area find work at the hospital and university. There is an emergency room at the local hospital in Rockingham as well.
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