Make the eastern Suburbs your home when migration to Sydney.

Sydney is a vibrant and large multicultural city, its citizens originate from almost every county in the world. If you are migrating to Australia, Sydney would be a great city to migrate to. It has many different option available when choosing where to live, in this article we examine the Eastern suburbs.

Many young British and Irish Migrants choose to live in the Eastern suburbs, the famous Bondi Junction and Beach. These suburbs are expensive but the lifestyle is just amazing, all the things one would wish to be true about Australia manifest themselves in the Eastern Suburbs.

Rental prices range from $2950 per week for a five bedroom house, $750 a week for a 2 bedroom flat to $500 for a studio. The commute is easy to the city with both buses and trains being available. The train stops at Bondi Junction, busses are available to Bondi Beach.

Coogee is a delightful seaside suburb, only connected to the city by bus, the busses are frequent and the lifestyle perhaps a little more suburban compared to Bondi, definitely worth a look. This is a very popular area for young British and Irish migrants to begin their Australian migration journey.

Rents range from $1200 a week for a 3 bedroom house, $600 for a 2 bed, and $550 for a one bedroom apartment. It’s a little cheaper than Bondi Beach, it has more of a young family atmosphere. The beach is stunning.

Maroubra, is just along the way from Coogee, a little tacky and a little bit further to travel to the central business district in Sydney, the bus service is reliable and in the rush hour the journey by bus can take 40 minutes, the beach is big and popular with migrants who have been in Australia for several generations.

Rental is a little cheaper, a 3 bed costing $850 a week, two bed from $560 a week, and a one bed may cost around $400 a week.

There is a choice of international food, from Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and European restaurants and pubs, traditional English and Irish pubs abound.   The cost of food depending on the venue can vary from $10 to$45 per head.

When buying food one has to be careful. Coles and Woolworths dominate the market, loyalty cards are available and they do give value, the big two do offer bargains at times and specials are genuine and can save you up to 50% on certain days, own brand products are also good value, Aldi offers good price competition, and there are many Asian and other ethnic shops where money can be save. Lentils and beans can often be half the price on offer at the big supermarkets.

Red meat is expensive in Australia, chicken is the best buy in terms of price per kilo. It’s best to buy the vegetables in farmers markets or Asian shops.

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