Margaret River, Bunbury and Busselton migration agent

Why choose Margaret River, it’s simply beautiful, it has ancient forests, farms vineyards and some of the cleanest and pristine beaches in the world. If you like nature here is a place to grow and truly live a perfect lifestyle.

The obvious one is go work in a farm, the South west had an abundance of farm work.

Major agricultural sectors

Wine and vineyards of Margaret River

Lamont Wineries

Island Brook Estate

Howard Park Wines

Green Valley Vineyards

If you are on a working holiday visa (417 ) then be sure to call these vineyards for work, if they like you and you are bringing skill needed in Australia then you may be able to stay on.

Check out your Margaret river migration and see if you can qualify under the skills visa program. Hopefully your employer will also be able to help you.

Margaret River also has Dairy farms, Fruit farms, and many small to medium market gardners.

There is a substantial fisheries industry and there is plenty of work in season.

Tourism is a major industry in South West of Western Australia. There are many resorts and hotel and farm stay places all over the area. The largest resort town are:

Bunbury 2 hours from Perth

Busselton 3 hours from Perth

Margaret River is about 3.5 hours from Perth.

Other cities are Walpole, Albany, and Augusta.

Call any of the hotels in Season this is primarily from October to March and you will often find work. Check out if you can get a sponsor and talk to your Margaret river migration agent and you never know.

The regions also always has a need for medical staff, from radiographers, nurses to Doctors.   Call the HR department in the hospital and see if you can get a job.

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If you thinking of making Western Australia your home then talk a Margaret River, Bunbury and Busselton migration agent