Mandurah for new migrants

Is Mandurah an excellent place for migrants to live?

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Good transport close to Perth

1) Mandurah is one of Western Australia’s fastest growing regional cities, Perth the capital city of WA can be reached in an hour along the Freeway. There is also a suburban rail link that gives access to Perth CBD in less than an hour.

Large and growing city

2) Mandurah is the 23rd largest urban center in Australia, with population growth rate increasing every year. This population growth suggests that many people are very interested in living in Mandurah

Strong welfare system

3) Mandurah has a strong welfare system and a large number of organizations funded by charities which provides a range of services to individual and families who need help.

Growing population

4) As the population of Mandurah grows, more employment is available in the local economy. The growth in employment is in retail, tourism and health services


5) State schools in Mandurah have a great range of benefits. Education is available to all children of school age. There are also several kindergarten schools for working parents who need help looking after their children before they go to primary schools.

Tourist destination

6) Mandurah is a major tourist destination in WA, there are many world standard hotels and restaurants, as well as activities and fun things to do such as a Dolphin cruise or renting a houseboat and cruising around the waterways for a few days.

Mandurah Weather

7) The tropical weather in Mandurah makes it a beautiful place to live. People can go fishing and enjoy a picnic on the pristine beach and parks while watching the sunset, especially in the summer.

Shopping in Mandurah

8) There are many shops in Mandurah, so shopping is easy, as is the parking. The completion of the Mandurah forum has brought many big brand shops to Mandurah and has also created thousands of jobs.

Good transport infrastructure

9) Mandurah has an efficient local transport infrastructure making travel by car or bus easy and quick.

Recreation facilities

10) Mandurah also has a recreation and leisure center, with a state of the art gymnasium, swimming pool, squash courts and indoor play areas for basket fall and other indoor sports.


Mandurah is a fantastic place to live for migrants, retirees, and working families.

Is Mandurah an excellent place for migrants to live? Yes it is.


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