Job searching can often be a stressful time. However, finding a job in Perth, Australia does not need to be hard. The economy in Perth is currently quite good, and they have plenty to offer for all types of services and industries.

Perth is the perfect place to build a career, as it not only a great place to work, but also a relaxing, stress-free lifestyle.

Perth’s economy was widely dominated by mining, petroleum, and agricultural export industries in the past. However, as the city has developed as one of the largest in Western Australia, focus has changed towards more service-oriented industries. In recent years, employment growth can be seen in areas such as retail, wholesale trade, business services, education, public administration, and other personal services.

To work in Perth, Australia you will need a valid visa. There are three main streams, humanitarian, family and skilled. What stream you choose will greatly depend on your age and occupation. To acquire a skilled visa as an eligible professional or tradesperson, you will need your employer to sponsor you. Acquiring sponsorship is not too difficult, but you should start the process early on in your decision to move.

It is still possible to find a job even if you do not have any contacts in Perth. There are countless online job postings that cater towards Perth. Most of the websites will allow you to choose your particular industry while searching. Popular sites include, and the official government website,

Finding a job in Perth need not be a stressful process. Whether you are abroad or in the city, you have plenty of opportunities and resources to begin your search and start living in this dynamic city in Western Australia.