There are plenty of work opportunities in Sydney, Australia in every industry and field. Sydney is such a vibrant city and has much to offer to those who live there. If you are set on finding a job in Sydney, here are a few tips to help you get started.

CV / Resume

When you start applying for jobs in Sydney, make sure that your CV or Resume is up to Australian standards. There are certain small things you will want to pay attention to include internationally understood acronyms and spelling. Some can argue that this is not important, but it is nice to show a future employer your attention to detail.

Australian CVs are usually meant to include all experiences in your work career, not just what you feel will be relevant. Make sure you are adding in details to each post and explaining how the skills you learned could transfer.

Cover Letter

To the same extent, your cover letter should address why you want to move to Sydney. Explain any details about your visa or other concerns you may have. Be as personal as possible to the place you are applying.

Search Online

Even if you do not have many connections in Sydney, it is not hard to find a job. For starters, browse through and to see if you can find any relevant jobs. You can choose what industry or more specific category of job you are searching.


If you are having trouble finding jobs online, you can consider applying through a recruiting agency. Many of these companies will cost a fee though you may get quicker results in finding a position.

You will need to put in time and effort into finding a job that you will enjoy, but this is always the case. Sydney is a great city to work and live in, and you will not regret moving there.