Living in Perth information for new migrants

Perth is not as busy and hectic as Melbourne or Sydney and is well known as one of the more relaxed places in Australia to live. Perth has a host of cultural activities and natural beauty to keep anyone happy and busy with a fulfilling way of life.

Perth can be expensive

First things first, Perth is an expensive city to live in with a one bedroom flat costing well over 1,000AUD per month in the nicer parts of town. However the cost of living is more than made up for by the abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs that making Perth a wonderful place for those who thrive on entertainment.

The geographic isolation of Perth has held the city back as a place to live for many people but over the years, the city has shrugged this image and grown up. Perth has a host of leisure opportunities on offer that will suite everyone from the young to the old. Sat on the Swan River the city has many amazing hiking trails and places to see, watch and observe a variety of wildlife. The beaches are some of the best in the world and for those looking a beach life Perth is a dream.

Nightlife in Perth

There is a ton of nightlife as has been previously mentioned and the city is growing in popularity because of this. This growth in popularity is seeing the nightlife and street life grow too.

Your family in Perth

For families Perth is becoming one of the best places to live and grow in Australia. Call it the new town of Australia if you like but because of the growth families are beginning to fall in love with the city and its location. Family activities such as camping, hiking and cycling make the city a wonderful place to live for the more active people of this planet.

Going out and about

The balance between entertainment and natural attractions makes Perth a perfect place to live. With places such as Rottness Island and the hiking around the Swan River Valley on one side of the lifestyle balance and Northbridge for entertainment on the other life can be good. For history lovers Fremantle Prison makes a great place to explore.

Perth is a great place to live and one just merely has to open their eyes and get out there to make it happen.  Your migration agent will of course be happy to tell you more and may even show you around a little upon arrival just to allow you to get your bearings before your new life begins.