Living costs in Perth

One of the things many people want to know before migrating to a new city and country is the cost of living.  Perth, as any migration agent will tell you, is one of the more expensive cities to live in but that does not mean it is unaffordable. Jobs in the city often pay fairly well and one does not need to have to spend money to enjoy life as the natural beauty of the area becomes the entertainment.

Average Housing Costs.

As with every city there are more affluent areas and those that are within reach of the average Joe.  Recent stats show that for a small 1 bed apartment in the City Centre you can expect to pay around 1,700 AUD per month. Moving to the suburbs, this drops to around 1,200AUD.  For a 3 bed city centre apartment you could expect to pay from 2,600 AUD per month where moving to the suburbs this figure drops by over 1,000AUD to around 1,700 AUD.  Where you choose to stay is up to you but it may pay to have your migration agent show you around some of the suburbs and get an idea of where you can best begin your new life.

Utility costs

Once you have your place to stay there will of course be your utility costs. In December 2017 the cost for a 85 square metre apartment was around 170AUD per month for electricity, water and trash removal.  Home internet will cost around 75AUD per month.



On the flip side to spending one always wants to know what one can earn. In December 2017 the average salary in Perth was around 4,300AUD per month. It is clear to see than your housing will consume between 25% and 30% of your income which is about normal worldwide.

Some general items

Getting an idea of what it really costs to live in Perth is not that difficult. While the city is more costly than some life can be lived very well.

Going out for a meal in an okay restaurant for two people you should expect to pay around 100AUD, a local beer will set you back around 10AUD

A typical shopping trolley will not be overly expensive with these staples being affordable on an average Perth Salary:

Milk 1.50AUD per per liter

Bread 2.50AUD per loaf

Chicken 10AUD per kilo

Beef 15AUD per kilo

Potatoes 2.40AUD per kilo


Overall Perth is an affordable place to live. Your migration agent will always teach you a few ways to save so do not be afraid to ask