Living in Bunbury West Australia

Less than 200 kilometres south of Perth, Bunbury is a wonderful place to live in to get the city feel of Perth when needed but still have a quiet, suburban life. Bunbury is a major port city, as it is right next to a gorgeous beach. Here you can fish, swim, and learn more about sea life. It is a huge tourist area due to its temperate climate.

Bunbury is one of Western Australia’s larger towns. Living in Bunbury will be similar to the prices of a larger city, as it is officially a “cosmopolitan regional city”. Top industries include agriculture and farming and wine production.

Even though it will not compare to the city life of Perth, Bunbury has its own small-town style. It is full of local pubs, restaurants and cafes. The city itself has a vibrant history, and local attractions include Kings Cottage Museum and Boulters Heights, which includes a man-made waterfall.

Bunbury is the perfect place to live as there is a large emphasis on outdoor living with a variety of parks, sports grounds and facilities for public use. The weather is also nice with a Mediterranean climate. The summers will typically be hot and dry, and the winters will be slightly cooler and wet. As it is by the sea, the wind will play a large part in the daily weather.

If you are hoping to settle close to Perth, but do not want to be too close to a city, Bunbury may be the perfect balance between the city life and a relaxing beach life. With a drive from Bunbury to Perth being less than 2 hours and with it being such an ideal destination to start life in Australia, you wouldn’t imagine anywhere else worth calling home in Western Australia.