Which Australian city to rent in?

Apartment rental guide for Migrants wanting to live in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Choosing a Australian city to work in

It is easy to choose the wrong city when you want to migrate to Australia, cities like Sydney are expensive and you may wither spend you hard earned money on your accommodation or in commuting time.

Choosing a Australian city to study in

This is particularly important when choosing a city to Study in.

The cheapest and the most livable

Perth and Adelaide are the most affordable and livable city with a real Australian life style to enjoy.

Cheaper and warmer city

Brisbane comes next and offers a warmer winter climate for those who are migrating from warmer climates.

Getting expensive and classy

Melbourne offers a cultured and creative environment with hot summers and cold winter with a lot of drizzle in the winter.

The most expensive but loads of opportunities

Sydney is the most expensive and is a busy business hub. The positive point are Sydney living is that this is a great city to find work as it continues to grow both in terms of commerce and population.

Below is a comparison of the price of a two bedroom flat to rent close to the CBD of Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Perth rent per week $280

Adelaide rent per week $ $265

Sydney rent per week $800

Melbourne rent per week $450

Brisbane rent per week $380

How an our Australian migration agent help?

Our migration agent in Perth has a lot of experience of what is happening in Perth and can give you good input into where the best property prices are and where to find work

Our migration agent in Brisbane has an in depth knowledge of Queensland and it is well worth a quick call to arrange a free consultation.

Issues to consider in addition to rent cost is what would be the price of accommodation when you want to buy a property in Australia

Choosing where you live thoughtfully can help reduce stress and can make the long migration road to Australia less stressful and easier.