Joondalup is a great destination for new migrants to Australia

Joondalup is a local government area and has the status of a city in the greater Perth area. Joondalup includes Hillarys and Warwick.

Joondalup is located 15 kilometre from the centre of Perth, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the north west of Perth Central. The population is approximately 164.000 and growing.

The city has a great atmosphere and has been planned well, with many restaurants and it also has a large modern shopping centre with almost all the big national brands having representation.

Beaches and park are easily accessible so a new migrant can enjoy living in one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Joondalup is very popular with migrants, in fact over 50% of the population were born abroad. There are significant migrant population whose ancestor is Irish, British and South African.

The city provides easy access to Perth CBD and surrounding areas, the freeways is an easy to access from Joondalup and Perth can be reached in approximately twenty five minutes. There is also a modern commuter rail service and bus service available to the CBD.

Edith Cowan University has a Joondalup Campus which is close to both the Mitchell Freeway and the Joondalup train line and is easily accessible by car, train, bus and bike. Car and bicycle… This is a great city for overseas students to live in as well as for migrant university teachers who can mix a great life style whilst being in a great educational environment. The city also provides good pre-primary, primary and secondary education as well as providing easy access to private education establishments.

Our migration agent are experienced in student visa at all levels of education, we can advise you on the best way forward and also have great local contacts to make your life easy by helping you connect with local professional, whether its education you need or simply want a place to begin your life as a new Australian migrant.

We also have great recruitment partners and are happy to find the a professional for you to discuss your work options in and around Western Australia

Joondalup also boasts a superb state of the art hospital close to the centre of the city, there are good employment opportunities for health care professionals, such as doctors and nurses who may be thinking of migration to Australia.

The city also provides a lot of employment in its leisure and retail sector and is a good base for people looking to migrate on an agricultural visa to Australia.

Whatever your migration need our migration agent in Joondalup have a lot of local experience and are always properly and legally qualified to give you advise.

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