Joondalup for New Migrants to Australia: Within the greater Perth region, Joondalup is a local government jurisdiction with city status. Included in Joondalup are Hillarys and Warwick.

Joondalup, situated 15 kilometres from Perth Central, is one of the most rapidly developing municipalities to the north-west of the capital. A expanding population of approximately 164,000 individuals is present.

The city is well-designed and exudes a pleasant ambience; it is teeming with restaurants and features a major contemporary retail centre that carries nearly every major national brand.

Places of Interests

By virtue of the proximity to parks and beaches, a newly arrived immigrant can appreciate life in one of the most liveable cities globally.

Joondalup is a haven for immigrants; in truth, more than fifty percent of the local populace was born outside the country. A considerable expatriate community exists, comprising individuals with Irish, British, and South African ancestry.

Joondalup is in close proximity to the motorways that reach Perth Central Business District and the environs; in an estimated twenty-five minutes, one can travel to Perth from the city. In addition, contemporary commuter rail and transit services provide access to the CBD.


The Edith Cowan University Jupiter Campus is conveniently located near the Mitchell Motorway and the Jupiter rail line, making it accessible by automobile, train, bus, and bicycle. Automobile and tricycle… This city is an excellent place for international students to reside and for expatriate university instructors to combine an excellent educational environment with a wonderful way of life. Additionally, the municipality offers high-quality pre-primary, primary, and secondary education, facilitating convenient access to private educational institutions.

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Near the city centre, Joondalup also features a state-of-the-art hospital, and employment opportunities are abundant for health care professionals, including nurses and physicians, who may be considering migrating to Australia.

In addition to offering numerous employment opportunities in the retail and leisure sectors, the city serves as a convenient hub for individuals seeking to enter Australia on an agricultural visa.

Regardless of your migration requirements, our Joondalup migration agent has extensive local knowledge and is always legally and competent to offer guidance.

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