Common mistakes when looking for a job sponsor  in Australia

Make sure you application is accompanied by a resume that is in a format that Australian recruiter like.

Here are some guidelines that may help you.

  • Start with a career summary so that the person reading can see immediately that you have all the key skills they are looking for. Make sure they can see you are looking for a sponsor and in which field. So state your relevant qualification and also the years of post-qualification experience you have.
  • List of Skills, for example 3 years’ experience working as a carpenter, who with and what specific skill you picked up.
  • List your qualification, start with the most recent e.g. completed the exam for the Chartered institute of Accountants UK, then the degree you have and then any other education qualifications you received like High School diplomas.
  • List any training courses you attended and the skills these courses were developing in the students who attended.
  • If you are the member of any associations like say the Association of Cost and Management accounts then list these out.
  • If you have any general interest like sport or other social activities that show you are a active and interesting person state these last of all.

The main thing is to make it as easy as possibly for a busy person to see at a glance what you want and if you have the qualification necessary to achieve your objective.

So you must get this message over in the first paragraph. Make it easy for the recruiter, if the information they require is not in the first paragraph then most likely they will move onto the next applicant.

So at a glance present the following:

1) What job do you want to be sponsored for?

2) The relevant Qualification you have for the job you want.

3) State clearly you are looking for a sponsor.

  • Practical experience in your field of interest.
  • Your age –note there is a age limit if you are above this age you will not be able to get a sponsor
  • Nationality, some countries are exempt the English test like the UK or Ireland.
  • If you are not from an English speaking country , do you have English qualifications like IELTS