Joanna Chen Australian Migration agent proficient in  Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Hokkien: Joanna is  Australian Registered Migration Agent ( Registration Number: 1801905)


English graduate with a degree in psychology and a certificate in criminal law. The speculation and rigour of the legal system fascinate me. The International Programme at the University of London is where I am doing my LL.B.

UK Professional with a Chinese background

With over fifteen years of experience in both the UK and Australia, I am fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien.

– My goal is to create a platform where anyone can apply for visas in an affordable, open, and equitable way.

Joanna Chen Australian Migration agent proficient in  Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Hokkien: Why choose my service

1 I have a deep awareness of Western society’s political, cultural, legal, and humanistic institutions and ways of thinking because to my fifteen years of living in both the UK and Australia.

2 Because of my unique background as an immigrant who made the journey from China to the United Kingdom and then to Australia, I am better able to empathise with and care about the plight of immigrants.

3 I am excited to challenge the department’s choices and have a great interest in immigration law. My unique view of the framework of Australian immigration law inside the English legal system and its flexible application within the bounds of the law is based on my passion of writing articles and analysing case cases.

4 When things seem hopeless for my clients, I draw on my extensive knowledge of international human rights to interpret the law and fight for their full range of rights.

5 Prompt, conscientious, and competent describe me. I am well-known in my field for my dedication to increasing the percentage of successful visa applications.

Successful Experience

Clients have been pleasantly surprised by the outcomes I’ve been able to obtain for them in my recent instances involving immigration law:

1 I went to the AAT with appeals for 457 and 820 visa denials, and I won both cases.

2 The Department of Home Affairs did not use its authority to terminate a student visa because I convinced them not to.

3 On the basis of my client’s reputation, I was able to convince the Department of Home Affairs not to remove their Australian citizenship.

4 I was able to persuade VETASSESS to let clients earn points, which are very significant.

5. I was able to convince the Department of Home Affairs to allow her a total of six months of stay after her deportation.

6. Our employer-sponsored courses reached a significant milestone with 457,186,187 successfully signed documents and 100% permission from the remote mountain RCB.

Successfully signed 7 significant partner visas (820/309, 100/801).

I have successfully completed eight competence assessments for several customers in the following fields: environmental science, education, electronics, information and communication technology, massage therapy, accounting, cooking, electrical, and contract administration.

Occupational assessment agencies in different industries will evaluate each career evaluation. The results of the occupational evaluation are the only ones that the immigration office will accept. The assessment’s provisions do not have any legal force.

Types of Service

I currently receive the following business:

1 Partner Visa (  homosexual  or heterosexual), child visa (including adoption visa), parent visa (paid/non-pay)

2 Employer sponsored visa (TSS/186/187)

3 Independent Skilled Migration / Skill Assessment

4 Business Investment Visa Immigration (188/132/888/405)

5 Student Visa, Short-Term Training Visa, Travel and Visiting Visa

6 Refugee Visa (Religion/Politics/Gender, etc.)

7 Immigration Appeals (Visa Refusal Appeal, Visa Cancellation Appeal, Australian Citizenship Cancellation Appeal)


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