Joanna Chen Australian Migration agent

Joanna is  Australian Registered Migration Agent ( Registration Number: 1801905)


Graduated Psychology from England and minor in Criminal Law. I love the rigorousness and speculation of the law. I am still studying LL.B at the University of London International Program.

UK Professional with a Chinese background

I have lived in the UK and Australia for more than 15 years and are proficient in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.

– My dream is provide the public with a fair, shared and reasonably priced visa application service platform.

Why choose my service

1 I have lived in Australia and UK for more than 15 years and have a profound understanding of the political, cultural, humanistic, legal systems and modes of thinking of Western society.

2 I have a unique experience of emigrating from China to UK, and emigrating from the UK to Australia which has enabled me to understand the situation and needs of immigrants and to be more considerate.

3 I have a strong interest in immigration law and I am enthusiasm for challenging the departmental decisions. I love readying articles, studying case cases and I have a unique interpretation of the Australian immigration law frame under English legal system and flexible application within the legal boundaries.

4 I have a deep understanding of international human rights, and I can interpret the law  in all kinds of difficult cases, and strives for the maximum rights for customers in situations that seem to be impossible.

5 I am diligent, dedicated, professional. I have a professional reputation of doing everything possible to improve visa success rate.

Successful Experience

I have been focusing on immigration law and the latest cases and have repeatedly achieved surprisingly good results for clients:

1 I prepared appeals for 457 visa refusal, 820 refusal and successfully won appeals at the AAT.

2 I successfully persuaded the Department of Home Affairs not to exercise its discretionary to cancel a student visa.

3 I successfully persuaded the Department of Home Affairs not to revoke a client’s Australian citizenship under character ground.

4 I successfully appealed to VETASSESS which allowing customers to earn valuable points.

5 I successfully persuaded the Department of Home Affairs to grant a total 6 months of stay after she was subject to deportation.

6 A large number of employer-sponsored classes 457,186,187 were successfully signed and 100% remote mountain RCB approval.

7 Significant partner visa 820/309 (100/801) successfully signed

8 Successfully obtained skill assessment for the following clients: Environmental Scientist, Teacher, Electronics Engineer, ICT Business Analyst, Telecommunications Network Engineer, Contract Administrator, Massage Therapist, Accountant, Chef, Cook, Electrician, etc.

Ps: Each career assessment will be assessed by the occupational assessment agency of the industry. The immigration office only accepts the conclusion of the occupational assessment. The terms of the assessment are not binding.

Types of Service

I currently receive the following business:

1 Partner Visa (  homosexual  or heterosexual), child visa (including adoption visa), parent visa (paid/non-pay)

2 Employer sponsored visa (TSS/186/187)

3 Independent Skilled Migration / Skill Assessment

4 Business Investment Visa Immigration (188/132/888/405)

5 Student Visa, Short-Term Training Visa, Travel and Visiting Visa

6 Refugee Visa (Religion/Politics/Gender, etc.)

7 Immigration Appeals (Visa Refusal Appeal, Visa Cancellation Appeal, Australian Citizenship Cancellation Appeal)


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