Immigration Tips For Australia

Emigrating to another country doesn’t have to be stressful, even if you need a visa to get there. You just need to be prepared, knowledgeable, and have everything in order before you start applying for your new life in Australia. Remember the following, and you shouldn’t go wrong.

Points Basis
Your experience, skills and background are all measured in points that count towards the final decision on your visa, therefore having all of the requirements and evidence of such will give you a higher chance of approval.

Get Your References
If you’re applying for a skilled job or for the Skilled Independent Visa, having references from previous employers will be advantageous if not necessary to your application and you should have these in order before starting your application.

Get Your Qualifications
As many jobs also rely on relevant qualifications and certificates, so too will the visa. Make sure you have the qualifications you need to prove you can do the job successfully in Australia, and if not, take a course and achieve your qualification before applying.

Take The English Test
If you’re not from an English-speaking country or English isn’t your first language, you will need to take an English test. You must have taken the test and achieved your International English Language Test Score before applying for your visa.

Give Yourself Time
Many visas can take up to 12 months to be approved, so give yourself enough time before you need to be in the country.

Adding A Spouse
You will need to provide evidence of your relationship if you are attaching a spouse to your application, including photographs, bank statements, a declaration with details of your relationship and a declaration from others confirming your relationship. You will need this evidence ready before lodging your application.