Illegal migrants in Australia

It is estimated that over 64000 People are in Australia without proper documentation.

It is also estimated that over 12000 people have been in Australia without proper documentation for more than 20 years.

Where do they come from?

Malaysia 9000

Chinese 6500

USA 5170

UK nationals 3700

Indonesians 2780

Indians 2730

Why the focus on boat people?

This makes makes a mockery of the border protection focus on so called boat, Most  of these almost over stayers  traveled to Australia by air and the overwhelming majority have settled into Australian life, with little – if any – regard for our laws and responsibilities.

The department of immigration and border protection generally does not detain people if they co-operate and help work toward a resolution of their situation. The Australian Government established the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) to give people living or working unlawfully in Australia the chance to re-engage and resolve their immigration status.

Australian border protection forces have increased their efforts to reverse this for  og illegal migration.

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